The Marina & Our Dock E/Slip 27
Freeport, Texas  with DoDaBlu Fishing Charters
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DoDaBlu Charters is located at the Bridge Harbor Yacht Club in Dock E/Slip 27.  Bridge Harbor Yacht Club is a full service, premier docking facility.  The Yacht Club includes a restaurant, pool bar, pool, tennis courts, convenience store, 24/7 security and clean, private bathhouse.  It is by far the finest facility in the area.    When you fish with DoDaBlu you are our guests at the Yacht Club and welcome to make yourselves at home.  Relax and enjoy the many amenities. The non-fisherman in your party will have no problem finding activities. Relax and enjoy some tennis or an afternoon by the pool while awaiting our return.   You'll find what you need to make the day relaxing and enjoyable. 

  We return from a long day of fishing and back into our private covered dock, where you can photograph your catch out of the weather and in the cool shade.  Unloading is a breeze in the shade.  Then while we process your catch, you're welcome to visit the clean, private bathhouse located just across the drive from our dock.   Take a shower or just wash-up, we'll have your catch packaged and ready for  ice.  Now, refreshed, you're  ready for an enjoyable ride home or back to your lodging.

Bridge Harbor host all of the major competitive fishing events in the Freeport area: Watermelon Billfish Open, August Billfish Classic, and the SKA Freeport Kingfish Event.